Laundry Mama Update: 

Our order is here, and we are currently sorting and preparing it.  Therefore, you can come pick it up as early as 1:00 today.  We will stay until it is gone.  If you have to work and cannot be here until later, just let me know, if you get a moment.  Remember to drive to the cafeteria/band room side of the school and pop your trunk.  We have orders under the overhang in case it rains. Thanks!


Please note: Due to COVID production issues, Laundry Mama has been unable to attain pumps.  The pumps that we ordered are expected to ship on June 1st.  We will be collecting information today as to how to contact those that ordered them when they arrive. Thank you for your patience with this whole process!  COVID made things much more complicated than normal. Also, please help spread the word to your band parent friends!

The 2020 recipient of the Excellence in Band Award is Ethan Johnson. When we needed a tuba player, Ethan volunteered to switch instruments, and played it like a champ! Ethan participated in Pep Band, Jazz Band, and auditioned for Mid-State in addition to regular concert band.  Ethan has been a dependable member of the SHMS Band, always present and willing to help with a grin on his face.  Congratulations Ethan! 

Considering Joining the SHMS Band?


Click here to learn more about band and its many benefits.

Fill out this google form to enroll your child in band class: 2020/2021 SHMS Band Enrollment Form

Still have questions?  Feel free to reach out to the band director by emailing:

Playing Exams 

All Students are able to submit their playing exams electronically.

Below you will find a link and instructions on uploading a recording.



Listening Project #4: Small Ensemble

Listening Project #3


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