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Listening Journals

Listening to music is the fastest way to improve your personal musicianship. Listening Journals are huge part of the Spring Hill Middle School Bands and a big part of your grade.
Below you will find Listening Journal Assignments and instructions.
(It is a little different from last year so please read carefully)
Requirements and Instructions
Every student will listen to 9 different pieces of music each nine weeks, in class, and keep record of the pieces and their composers in a spiral notebook.
1. We will listen to one piece every week in class. There will be anywhere from 7-10 entries
2. Students must write down the name of the piece, the composer, list the following about the piece: 1.type of group 2. instruments 3. mood 4. dynamic 5. tempo and 6. What stands out to you? and answer the main question presented in a complete sentence. 
1. Each Quarter students will do one to two in depth writing project about a piece of music in their journal.
2. These projects will be for specific types/genres of music.
3. There will be 4-8 projects total throughout the year.
Smart Goals/Justification/ Reflection
1. Each 9 weeks students will create one specific smart goal that will be placed at the beginning of their Listening Journal.
2. These goals should be about specific aspects of each student's performance on their instrument.
3. Students will write a reflection of each goals progress at the end of each nine weeks.
Due Dates:
Journals will be collected two times each Quarter.
1. They will be collected one week before progress reports are due.
2. They will be collected one week before the end of each quarter.
1. The Mid Quarter Check will be worth 25pts
2. The Quarter Final Check will be worth 50pts.


Listening Journal Project #2: due December 16th.

Project #3: Jazz

due March 6th

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